100 Insect Names in Hindi and English with Pictures

name of insects in hindi and english | kiro ke naam hindi and english me

Thousands of insects inhabit our world, some of which are known and others yet to be discovered. However, a large number of people are unaware of these remarkable creatures. In this article, I would like to present a list of insect names in English and Hindi with pictures. By doing so, we hope to enhance people’s understanding and appreciation of insects.

Insects name in Hindi and English with pictures

insect names in hindi
ImagesInsect In EnglishInsect In Hindi
SpiderSpiderमकड़ी (Makdi)
ButterflyButterflyतीतली (Teetli)
MosquitoMosquitoमच्छर (Machchhar)
AntAntचींटी (Chinti)
BeeBeeमधुमखी (Madhumakhi)
Stick InsectStick Insectलकड़कीड़ा (Lakadkida)
StoneflyStoneflyपत्थरमखी (Patharmakhi)
Waspततैया (Tataiya)
TermiteTermiteदीमक (Deemak)
TickTickकिलनी (Kilani)
Water scorpionWater scorpionपनबिच्छु (Panbichchu)
ScorpionScorpionबिच्छु (Bichhu)
White antWhite antदीमक, उजली चींटी (Deemak, Ujali chinti)
LouseLouseजू (Joo)
WoodwormWoodwormघुन (Ghun)
GnatGnatडंस (Dan)
CockroachCockroachतिलचिट्टा (Tilchittha)
LocustLocustटिड्डी (Tiddee)
Black beeBlack beeभवरा (Bhanwra)
FireflyFireflyजुगनू (Jugnu)
WormWormकीड़ा (Kida)
BedbugBedbugखटमल (Khatmal)
BeetleBeetleमोगरी (Mogri)
BugBugकीड़ा (Kida)
CaterpillarCaterpillarझींगा (Jhinga)
CentipedeCentipedeकनखजूरा (Kankhajura)
CicadaCicadaसिकाडा (Sikada)
Cricket insectCricket insectझींगुर (Jhingur)
EarwigEarwigकनखजूरा (Kankhajura)
SandflySandflyबलू मक्खी (Balū Makkhī)
FleaFleaपिस्सू (Pissu)
EarthwormEarthwormकेंचुआ (Kenchuaa)
Fruit flyFruit flyफल मक्खी (Phalmakhi)
GrasshopperGrasshopperटिड्डा (Tidda)
House FlyHouse Flyमक्खी (Makkhi)
Leaf beetleLeaf beetleपत्ता भृंग (Pata bhring)
MaggotMaggotभुनगा (Bhunga)
MayflyMayflyल्पायु मक्षिका (Lpayu makshika)
MillipedeMillipedeगिंज़ाई (Ginjai)
MothMothपतंगा (Patanga)
Praying MantisPraying Mantisबद्धहस्त कीट (Baddhhast kit)
Red velvet mitesRed velvet mitesरानी कीड़ा (Rani kida)
Snail insectSnail insectघोंघा (Ghongha)
insect name hindi mai | insects name in english and hindi

Insects Names A-Z

LetterInsect Name
IIchneumon  wasp
JJewel  beetle
PPraying  mantis
QQueen  butterfly
UUnderwing  moth
VVelvet  ant
XXerces  blue butterfly
ZZebra butterfly
insects name with picture | write 10 insects name
20 Insects Name Hindi English with Picture


I hope you have liked this article, in this article we told that 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100 insects names in Hindi and English with pictures | कीड़ों के नाम इंग्लिश और हिंदी में If you like this article, then you can comment your thoughts.

Ten insects name in English

Ten insects name is Butterfly, Ant, Bee, Mosquito, Ladybug, Grasshopper, Dragonfly, Beetle, Spider, and Firefly.

What are 5 insects in English?

Five insects name the Butterfly, Ant, Bee, Mosquito, and Ladybug.

What are insects for Class 6?

Insects belong to a broad category known as arthropods, which includes spiders, ticks, centipedes, lobsters, and crabs. Insects have a segmented body structure, similar to other arthropods. In addition, they lack an internal skeleton.

What is the smallest insect?

The smallest known adult insect is a parasitic wasp, Dicopomorpha ecempertigis. These tiny wasps are often called fairy flies. Males are wingless, blind, and only 0.005 in (0.127 mm) long.

20 कीड़ों के नाम हिन्दी में

20 कीड़ों के नाम मकड़ी, चींटी, मच्छर, मेंढ़क, टिड्डी, तिलचट्टा, भंवरा, संडी, कैटरपिलर, मेंढ़ा, तितली, बंदरमकड़ी, मकौड़ा, भंगिया, कीटाणु, धोंका, मेंढ़ी, मकोड़ा, छिपकली, और मुँगेर है।

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