All Colours Name in English and Hindi with Image

all colours names in english with picture

Do you want to remember the names of the colors, then in today article, the name of your all colours and the names list is given in detail. There are millions of types of colors in the world, but there are some whose names are very easy to remember. In this, we have told the names of all those colors that you remember quickly and can use in your daily use.

All colours name in hindi and english with pictures

ImagesColours names in EnglishColours names in Hindi
Black	Blackकाला
Orange	Orangeनारंगी
SilverSilverचांदी जैसा रंग
RubyRubyगहरा लाल रंग
Navy BlueNavy Blueगहरा नीला
ClayClayमिट्टी का रंग
MagentaMagentaगहरा गुलाबी रंग
OliveOliveजैतून का रंग
BronzeBronzeपीतल रंग
MaroonMaroonभूरा लाल रंग
AzureAzureआसमानी रंग
BeigeBeigeगहरा पीला
Off WhiteOff Whiteधूमिल सफ़ेद
MetallicMetallicधातुमय रंग
AmberAmberभूरा पीला रंग
GrapeGrapeअंगूर का रंग
RustRustजंग रंग
PlumPlumबेर रंग
LimeLimeचूने का रंग
MintMintटकसाल रंग
IvoryIvoryहाथीदांत रंग
Pea-greenPea-greenमटर हरित
VioletVioletहलके नीले रंग
TealTealहरे रंग की छायादार
Wheat	Wheatगेहूँ रंग
MustardMustardसरसों रंग
AquaAquaपानी जैसा रंग
Gainsboro	Gainsboroगेन्सबोरो रंग
ChartreuseChartreuseहल्का हरे सेब जैसा रंग
Light SalmonLight Salmonहल्का नारंगी रंग
Dark SalmonDark Salmonगहरा नारंगी
Mistry RoseMistry Roseधुंदला गुलाबी
Neon GreenNeon Greenपीला हरा
SnowSnowबर्फ जैसा रंग
Orange-redOrange-redसंतरी लाल
all colours name in hindi and english with picture

Importance of Colour Naming

Color names can have different meanings in different parts of the world. For example, red symbolizes good luck in China but danger in Western cultures. Naming a color might seem like a small detail, but it can have a significant impact on how customers perceive and remember your brand. choosing the right name that resonates with your target audience and avoids any cultural misunderstandings

List of Alphabetical Color List A – Z

Colour name in English
new colors names list in English and Hindi with image
LetterColours name list
color that starts with AAuburn, Azure, Apricot, Amethyst
color that starts with BBlue, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Bronze, Beige
color that starts with CCyan, Chartreuse, Crimson, Cream
color that starts with DDenim, Dark, Drab
color that starts with EEmerald, Ecru
color that starts with FFuchsia, Forest, Flaxen
color that starts with GGreen, Gray, Gold, Grape, Gunmetal, Garnet
color that starts with HHot pink, Hunter green
color that starts with IIndigo, Ivory
color that starts with JJade, Jet black
color that starts with KKhaki
color that starts with LLavender, Lilac, Lime, Lemon
color that starts with MMagenta, Maroon, Mustard, Mauve
color that starts with NNavy
color that starts with OOlive, Orange, Ochre
color that starts with PPink, Purple, Peach, Plum, Periwinkle, Peacock green
color that starts with QQuicksilver
color that starts with RRed, Rust
color that starts with SSilver, Sapphire, Sky blue, Scarlet
color that starts with TTurquoise, Tan, Teal
color that starts with UUltraviolet
color that starts with VViolet, Vermilion
color that starts with WWhite, Wine
color that starts with XXanadu (a pale gray-green color)
color that starts with YYellow
color that starts with ZZaffre (a deep blue pigment)
name of colours in English and Hindi

English Colours shades name

Colours nameShades name
Light blueBaby blue, Sky blue, Powder blue
Dark blueNavy blue, Midnight blue, Royal blue
Light greenMint green, Seafoam green, Chartreuse
Dark greenForest green, Olive green, Hunter green
Light pinkBlush, Rose, Salmon
Dark pinkFuchsia, Magenta, Hot pink
Light purpleLavender, Lilac, Periwinkle
Dark purplePlum, Eggplant, Grape
Light graySilver, Mist, Ash
Dark grayCharcoal, Slate, Graphite
ten colours name | different colours names in English with pictures

Names of the colours in English

50 types of colours name with images


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What are the names of the 24 colours?

There are different sets of 24 colors depending on context and purpose. A common set of 24 colors is the original Crayola color set, which includes the following colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Brown, Pink, Gray, Tan, Light Blue, Light Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Violet, Magenta, Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Beige, and Dark Green.

What are the basic 11 colours?

Most languages have between two and 11 basic color words. For example, English has a full set of 11 basic colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, grey, brown, orange, and violet.

What is the most popular colour in the world?

Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Green, and Pink is the most popular colour in the world

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