100 Pulses name in English and Hindi with Pictures

Friends, in today’s article, we will talk about pulses, whose colors and forms are different, but they are full of nutrition and vitamins, they can be consumed and they are very beneficial, vitamins are found inside them. In this article, we have given all the pulses names list in English and Hindi with pictures.

All Pulses Name in English and Hindi with Pictures

मसूर की दालRed Lentilsमसूर की दाल
Adzuki BeansAdzuki Beansलाल फ़लियां
Split Green PeasSplit Green Peasहरी मटर की दाल
Kidney BeansKidney Beansराजमा
Soy BeansSoy Beansसोयाबीन
Garbanzo BeansGarbanzo Beansसफेद चना
Split Yellow PeasSplit Yellow Peasमटर की दाल
Cannellini BeansCannellini Beansसफेद बीन्स
Mixed PulsesMixed Pulsesमिश्रित दाल
Black Eyed PeasBlack Eyed Peasलोबिया
Mung DahlMung Dahमूंग दाल
Tricolour QuinoaTricolour Quinoaतीन रंगा किनुआ
Pinto BeansPinto Beansचित्र-वाले राजमा
Marrowfat PeasMarrowfat Peasमैरोफैट मटर
Black ChickpeasBlack Chickpeasकाला चना
Dry PeasDry Peasसूखे हरे मटर
Black GramBlack Gramकाला उड़द
Horse GramHorse Gramकुल्‍थी दाल
Black Gram SplitBlack Gram Splitकाला उड़द दाल
Chickpeas SplitChickpeas Split/ Gram Pulseचना दाल
dal names in english with picturesGreen Gram Splitहरी मूंग दाल
Dry BeansDry Beansसूखी फलियाँ
Fava BeansFava Beansबाकला
Bambara PeasBambara Peasबाम्बारा मटर
Pigeon PeasPigeon Peasअरहर की दाल
Lupin BeansLupin Beansल्यूपिन बीन्स
White PeasWhite Peasसफेद मटर
Moth BeanMoth Beanमोठ दाल
Brown LentilsBrown Lentilsखड़ी मसूर
Whole Red LentilWhole Red Lentilमलका मसूर
Urad Dal SkinnedUrad Dal Skinnedउड़द की धुली दाल
ChickpeasChickpeasकाबुली चना
Dal BhatDal Bhatभट्ट की दाल
Lima BeansLima Beansसेम
different types of pulses with names and images

10 pulses name in English and Hindi with proun pronunciation

pulses name hindi and english
दालों के नाम इंग्लिश और हिंदी में | Pulses names in hindi and english
Hindi NameEnglish NamePronunciation
अरहर  दालPigeon  Peasar-har  dal
मूंग  दालSplit  Green Grammoong  dal
उड़द  दालBlack  Gramurad  dal
मसूर  दालRed  Lentilsmasoor  dal
तूर  दालSplit  Pigeon Peastoor  dal
मटकीMoth  Beansmat-ki
चोलेGarbanzo  Beans/Chickpeascho-le
मेथी  दानाFenugreek  Seedsme-thi  da-na
काला  चनाBlack  Chickpeaska-la  cha-na
लोबियाBlack-Eyed  Peaslo-bi-ya
मटरGreen  Peasma-tar
names of the pulses lists in english with images
pulses name in english and hindi with images


We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the article. Our intention was to provide comprehensive information about a list of pulses in English, accompanied by pictures. If you found this information helpful, we encourage you to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, and we will make every effort to respond to you.

5 pulses name in English

The 5 pulse name is Chickpeas, Pigeon Peas, Green Gram (Split), Black Gram, and Red Lentils

10 दालें कौन सी हैं?

10 दालें के नाम है- अरहर, उड़द, मसूर, मूंग, चना, मोठ, राजमां, कुल्थी, सोयाबीन और मलका।

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