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100+ Body Parts Names in Hindi and English with Picture pdf

human body parts pictures with names in english and hindi pdf download

The human body is made up of organs, bones, muscles, and tissues. Each of these parts plays an important role in keeping the body functioning properly. The better the knowledge of body parts names, the more you will know about the body, in this article, we have explained the body parts names in English and Hindi with pictures in detail.

All Body Parts Names Hindi and English with images

body parts name in english with hindi meaning
body parts name for kids
Body parts name in EnglishBody parts name in Hindi
Hairबाल  [Baal]
Eyesआंखें  [Aankhen]
Mouthमुंह  [Munh]
Armबांह, भुजा  [ Baanh , Bhujaa]
Tooth, Teethदांत  [Daant]
Back, Waistकमर, पीठ  [Kamar , Peeth]
Shoulderकन्धा  [Kandha]
Stomachपेट  [Pet]
Kneeघुटना  [Ghutana]
Throatगला  [Gala]
Legटांग  [Taang]
Handहाथ  [Haath]
Noseनाक  [Naak]
Earकान  [Kaan]
Eyeआंख  [Aankh]
Footपैर  [Pair]
Headसिर  [Sir]
Faceचेहरा  [Cheharaa]
Smiley Faceहंसमुख  [Hansmukh]
Neckगरदन  [Gardan]
Beardदाढ़ी  [Daadhi]
Moustacheमूंछ  [Munchh]
Hipकूल्हा  [Koolhaa]
Nailनाखून  [Naakhoon]
Skinत्वचा, खाल  [Twacha , Khaal]
Fistमुठ्ठी  [Muthhee]
Lipहोंठ  [Honth]
Bloodरक्त  [Rakt]
Browभौंह  [Bhaunh]
Breastस्तन  [Stan]
Elbowकोहनी  [Kohanee]
Nippleस्तन का अगला भाग
Navelनाभि  [Naabhi]
Armpit, Wombबगल, कांख  [Bagal , Kaankh]
Chinठुड्डी  [Thuddee]
Foreheadमाथा  [Maathaa]
Cheekगाल  [Gaal]
Ankleटखना  [Takhanaa]
Brainदिमाग  [Dimaag]
Faceचेहरा  [Cheharaa]
Eyebrowभौं  [Bhaun]
Eyelidपलक  [Palak]
Tongueजीभ  [Jeebh]
Heartह्रदय  [Harday]
Toeपैर की उंगली  [Pair Ki Ungalee]
Bodyशरीर  [Shareer]
Fingersअंगुलियाँ  [Unguliyaan]
Thumbअंगूठा  [Angootha]
Intestineआंत  [Aant]
Heelएढ़ी  [Aidhee]
Larynxकंठ  [Kanthh]
Templeकनपटी  [Kanpati]
Wristकलाई  [Kalai]
Skullखोपड़ी  [Khopadee]
Kidneyगुर्दा  [Gurdaa]
Kneeघुटना  [Ghutana]
Chestछाती  [Chhatee]
Jawजबड़ा  [Jabadaa]
Thighजाँघ  [Jhaangh]
Liverजिगर  [Jigar]
Jointजोड़  [Jod]
Nostrilनथुना  [Nathoonaaa]
Nerve, Veinनस  [Nas]
Pawपंजा  [Panjaa]
Ribपसली  [Pasalee]
Lungफेफड़ा  [Fefadaa]
Musclesमाँसपेशी  [Maaspeshee]
Spineरीढ़  [Reedhh]
Boneहड्डी  [Haddee]
Palmहथेली  [Hatheli]
Bellyपेट  [Pet]
Calfपिंडली  [Pindalee]
Uterusगर्भाशय [Garbhashya]
Rumpचुतड [Chutad]
Bunबालों का जूडा [Balon ka Jooda]
Index Fingerतर्जनी [Tarjani]
Palateतालु [Taalu]
Snoutथूथना [Thuthana]
Molar Theethदाढ़ [Daadh]
Arteryधमनी [Dhamani]
Pulseनाड़ी [Naadi]
Spleenतिल्ली [Tilli]
Bileपित्त [Pitt]
Eyeballनेत्रगोलक, आँख की पुतली [ Netragolak]
Eyelashबरौनी [Barounee]
Embryoभ्रूण [bhoorn]
Middleबीच की ऊँगली [beech ki Unagli]
Urinary Bladderमूत्राशय [Mootrashay]
Salivaलार [Laar]
Tracheaस्वास नली, कंठनाल [Swas nali]
100 parts of body name in hindi and english

Vocabulary in English and Hindi

Knowing the names of body parts in both English and Hindi is an important skill for language learners to have. The human body has many parts, each with a different function. Capturing these terms enables effective communication with health care professionals and accurate descriptions of symptoms or injuries.

In English, names of common body parts include head, eye, ear, nose, mouth, neck, shoulder, chest, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, foot, knee, ankle, foot, toe, abdomen, Back, hips, included. buttocks, throat, teeth, tongue, and more. Similarly, similar words in Hindi like sar (head), aankh (eyes), kan (ear), naak (nose), muh (mouth), gali ki haddi (neck bone), bhujao (arm), haath (eye) Are. hand), unglia (fingers), khal (skin), tang (feet), jod (knee), per (feet).

boys main part name
body parts name in English with Hindi meaning

100 body parts name in Hindi and English pdf Download

body parts name pdf
internal body parts names with pictures in English and Hindi


Here we have shared the 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 body parts names in Hindi and English. You will find both external and internal body parts names in this post. Make sure to share this post with your friends. Thank you very much for reading this article till the end!

Why is it important to know body Parts names?

Understanding the names of body parts is vital for effective communication with medical professionals and for understanding health concepts. It promotes self-awareness to accurately describe symptoms, understand diagnoses, and detect health problems early.

How many bones are in the human body?

The common misconception is that there are 206 bones in the human body. But in reality, the number of bones varies depending on the age and person. Babies start with about 270 bones, which gradually fuse together as they mature into adults. On average, adults have about 206 bones. Still, genetic differences and bone disorders can cause some individuals to have more or less bone than this standard count.

How can I learn more about the human body?

Understanding the human body is complex but rewarding. Enroll in anatomy courses or read health resources to gain an in-depth knowledge of body systems and functions.

What are the 23 parts in human?

The 23 human body parts name in english is Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, Small intestine, Large intestine (colon), Spleen, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Bladder, Skin, Muscles, Bones, Joints, Nerves, Blood vessels, Spinal cord, Thyroid gland, Adrenal glands, Reproductive organs (e.g., ovaries and testes), and Eyes.

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